The danger of chemical fertilizers for the birds

Now it is impossible to imagine agronomy where insecticides would not be used. Thanks to chemical fertilizers, we can provide not only a good crop, but also protect it from various insect pests. However, researchers from the University of ...

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Scientists have recorded a new record of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere

In a recent report of the American Meteorological Society, it was found that the CO2 content in the atmosphere of our planet to the beginning of 2019 reached a record level in the past 800 thousand years.

Almost every year since the beginning of ...

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War for the endangered fish in California Gulf

The real war unfolded along the coast of Mexico in the Gulf of California, the cause of which was the illegal fishing of endangered species of fish and animals.

Chinese mafia, Mexican cartels and ordinary poachers staged a bloody brawl for the ...

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Baikal waters become toxic

Baikal, also known as the Pearl of Siberia, is the deepest and cleanest lake in the world, a masterpiece of nature. However, the dignity of Baikal, as the cleanest lake, was subjected to another threat. Why did it turn out that the water in Baikal ...

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The ices of Greenland

Many people heard about the problem of global warming, but few of them really know how it looks. So, let’s go to Greenland with the help of our mind and let’s see what it there. Greenland is the island, which is situated in the northeast of the ...

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