Priority projects


Today, humanity rushes at high speed down the serpentine. We are talking about the current difficult environmental situation, the cause of which is the effects of global warming and environmental pollution. And if in the near future no measures are taken, we risk losing control over it, which will inevitably lead to an environmental disaster. We have been warned more than once about imminent danger, but we did not listen and decided to try our luck.

The authorities of the leading world states urgently need to introduce fundamental changes in all spheres of life (agriculture, energy, construction, transport, urban economy) in order to prevent the devastating catastrophes associated with global warming. And if this is not done, in 10 years the average temperature on Earth will rise by 1.5 °C, which will lead to droughts, wildfires and floods as a result of melting glaciers of the Arctic Ocean and food shortages.


Environmental pollution is another problem of modern humanity, which can lead to very sad consequences. The danger is not so much the phenomenon itself, as its scale, due to which in recent times various environmental problems have appeared at an increasing rate. Dealing with them sometimes requires enormous financial resources. According to the WHO, the main risk factor for health is air pollution, as it provokes strokes, heart disease, oncology, acute respiratory infections and asthma.

We must as soon as possible combine our efforts to maximize the effective work to eliminate not only the consequences of global warming and environmental catastrophe, but also the causes that led to this incredibly complicated situation. Joint work with both Russian and foreign companies, as well as active cooperation with the younger generation will help to significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and completely reduce them to zero in the future.

The governments of most countries should be interested in the implementation and development of programs to reduce the greenhouse effect and to limit global warming. To do this, you need to abandon the traditional sources of energy and switch to the use of ocean wind and sun energy. The problem of environmental pollution must be solved internationally, because it has no state borders. Sanctions need to be imposed on enterprises that dispose of waste and heavy fines for storage of garbage in unauthorized places.


It is important to involve in this problem not only the government, but also the business community, charity backgrounds, state-owned companies, volunteers and, most importantly, the younger generation, on which the future of our planet depends entirely. Starting from school, children should understand the importance of saving the planet from an environmental disaster. Collaboration must be introduced at all levels. Only by combining our strength we can get the solution of this serious issue off the ground.

Pollution and global climate change is an international problem that can only be solved with the active participation of all who think of this planet as their own home! And the best solution to this issue will be a change in the ordinary way of life and a reduction in pollutant emissions, a transition to cleaner and more economical technologies. Respect for nature is not just words, but a vital necessity. Taking care of it, we take care of ourselves and our future generations.