ECOLOGICAL CALENDAR 2019 and Classes schedule

GOODWILL MERIDIAN Fund is guided by the idea of educating the younger generation in the field of environmental protection and sustainable nature management. Our children should learn these vital principles, as important as they are for our planet, from an early age. Even now, most countries of the world, including Russia, have committed to decrease domestic waste and combat global warming. Nature has already sustained severe damage. Only together we will be able to change the situation for the better and preserve nature for future generations.

ECOLOGICAL CALENDAR 2019 and Classes scheduleECOLOGICAL CALENDAR 2019 and Classes schedule

This is why we decided to release an eco-themed calendar for 2019 and a classes schedule, stating the most essential ideas in the most simple and accessible way: how to make the planet cleaner and better or how to reduce the impact of climate change. By adhering to these simple rules and setting a good example for our children, we make a serious contribution to their upbringing, developing the right values, active social position and respect for the environment. The calendar also highlights major environmental dates.

ECOLOGICAL CALENDAR 2019 and Classes schedule

The classes schedule and the ecological calendar are printed in Russian and English languages using 100% recycled A3 paper.

These materials are intended for distribution in schools and universities, bookstores and toy shops.