The ices of Greenland


Many people heard about the problem of global warming, but few of them really know how it looks. So, let’s go to Greenland with the help of our mind and let’s see what it there. Greenland is the island, which is situated in the northeast of the North America.☃️ It’s a part is of universal climatic system. The lowest temperature is observed in the Central part of island according to the statistics, in winter it can reach to 76 degrees Fahrenheit and not higher than 10 in summers.

Nowadays the most widely spread photography in internet is the photo made by scientist Steffen Olsen from Denmark during his research works in Greenland. The amazing photo shows us the team of dogs in deep celestial-blue sea. It looks incredible, doesn’t it? The thick snowy sheet ice was replaced by the smooth water surface.☝️ This photography was added to the photo series with hungry polar bears, walruses lost in ices, drying up lakes and disappearing glaciers. It tells all of us about the climatic disaster happening here right now.
The ices of Greenland
In Tweeter Steffen Olsen said that indigenous population of Greenland feels danger because their way of life is based on the necessary shipment by the ice. Native people need to have possibility of fishery and hunting to live. ❄️ Now their movement becomes more difficult and even dangerous.

The season of ice melting ⛅️ is usually begins in June and lasts until the end of August. Most of melting is in July due to the rise of temperature in this period. This year the water level is breaking all records according to the data on the 13th of June, when the photo was made. According to the research works more than two billion tons of ice has been lost. And the melting effect will be continued. The intense process of melting can be increased by the time. This is due to the fact that white snow and ice have the ability to reflect the sun rays, thereby reducing the amount of heat produced and keeping the ice-cold. So, the more it melts, the more will be.

Thomas Mote, the researcher of Greenland from the University of Georgia, when giving an interview to CNN, said that if to compare the strong melting periods in 2007, 2010 and 2012, nothing like this happened until the end of the 90s of last century.

The current situation with the ice sheets of Greenland threatens to raise the sea level. It’s one of the most dangerous consequences, which can influence to the native people which will be needed to leave their homes. Since the beginning 70s years of the last century, Greenland added about half an inch of water to a global sea level. The loss of ice leads to the increase of sea temperature, which in turn also leads to the further melting. ✔️Melting stops with the winter. However, winters become warmer from year to year, and the global climate disaster is becoming closer.

The ices of Greenland