“TOWARDS NATURE” event inspired environmental awareness in Marbella

In October 2019 Goodwill Meridian Fund held two-days event in Marbella, Spain. The event is already considered as one of the most important ecological occasions happened in Marbella so far.

At a time where the environmental crisis is a reality, ...

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Ecological Calendar 2020

In 2020 Goodwill Meridian Fund continue the tradition to release eco-themed calendar for children and adults. With this Fund follows its main mission - to engage the younger generation in the environmental pollution problems and to encourage their ...

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Ships as one of the main sources of plastic waste

Plastic garbage pollutes the environment, decomposes for hundreds of years, causing serious damage to flora and fauna. Birds, fishes and other animals often become victims of waste, taking fragments of plastic for food or getting entangled in them. Most often, waste is thrown into the ocean from land, but in a recent study, that published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, authors described a less obvious source of ocean pollution.

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The Ocean Cleanup announced the successful testing of the device for the collection of garbage in the ocean

In early October 2019 the Dutch non-profit organization The Ocean Cleanup announced the successful use of the device, the ability to collect, hold and move a huge amount of plastic waste that pollute the ocean.

Today, plastics are somehow used in ...

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A small victory for humanity: the ozone hole over Antarctica has shrunk to a record small size

Scientists have recorded that the ozone hole above Antarctica, where UV from the Sun pass through the stratosphere without problems, has decreased to a record small size in the entire history of observations of it, since 1982.

Decades of ...

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