“TOWARDS NATURE” event inspired environmental awareness in Marbella


In October 2019 Goodwill Meridian Fund held two-days event in Marbella, Spain. The event is already considered as one of the most important ecological occasions happened in Marbella so far.

At a time where the environmental crisis is a reality, it is increasingly important to raise awareness and start taking action in order to protect the environment and conserve biodiversity. Now more than ever, a change of mindset must be put into effect to improve the situation for future generations. Indeed, the best legacy that can be left to the younger generation is a habitable planet. Environmental education and work with the younger generation is the main mission of the Fund.

Marbella is a resort town on the Mediterranean Sea located on the Spanish Costa del Sol coast. This is not only an international resort, several leading bilingual schools find their place here. According to recent estimates, more than 140 nationalities work and study in the city, including ones from Russia. This means a great opportunity to bring together young people from different countries to a “unique encounter with nature,” as the local press described the event.

“TOWARDS NATURE” event inspired environmental awareness in Marbella

“TOWARDS NATURE” took place on 14 and 15 October 2019 at Marbella ́s Palacio de Congresos. And the star of it was Johan Ernst Nilson, all the way from Sweden. An excellent way to grasp the reality of the ecological risk, through an exceptional witness who has traveled the world and seen it with his own eyes.

Johan is a major environmental activist and climate change advocate who promotes global environmental education through talks that inspire hundreds of thousands of people. Guided by his adventurous spirit and his unconditional love for life, Johan has traveled to more than 175 countries and 50% of his time and efforts are dedicated to charity. He tried to reach the hearts of his young listeners encouraging them to always follow their dreams and goals. He explained how climate change can influence children’s future. And that’s why both children and their parents should understand the scale of the problem and build a better world together as a family.

Repeating after Johan, “children today is 25% of the population and 100% of our future”.
The key is in those who want to change today’s situation with the planet to the better.

A total of almost a thousand people have witnessed this and have been able to participate actively in giving their views on combating the ecological crisis. For two days there have been various musical performances as well as presentations made by the students who took this reflection on the environment very seriously and were able to start raising awareness about it. As Johan said: ́Everything starts with the little things. We have in our hands the way to change
the world but the question is whether we want to do it’. Students had also prepared nature-themed dance and music performances, specially for the event and to the public’s delight.

“TOWARDS NATURE” event inspired environmental awareness in Marbella

Every participant received Ecological Calendar 2020 printed on 100% recycled paper. Goodwill Meridian Fund has been releasing this calendar for the second year. New edition features 17 species of animals that are on the verge of extinction due to human activities or climate change. It also includes useful ideas and simple everyday ecological habits will be interesting for both children and their parents.

As Johan said “we must adopt small changes in our day-to-day lives that are not difficult to carry out but are important when they are combined in the pursuit of greater respect for nature and the environment”.

The director of Culture Carmen Díaz and the director of the Environment Victoria Martín Lomeña, along with the organizer of this initiative Alexandra Kondrashova and Javier Pérez Benedí de Marbellayuda also attended the event.

All funds raised from the event are being donated to the Foundation MarbellAyuda with its program to renovate the paediatric area in the Costa del Sol Hospital, and to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation with its Climate Change program.

Fund expresses gratitude to event co-organisers Events Couture Marbella and Marie-Noëlle Communication. To all the partners: Marbella Municipality, Garcatri Deluxe Transport, Marbella Club Hotel, Gestoria Bocanegra, HSE School of Art and Design, Calidad Pascual, Doss by Da Bruno, Reprofast, Bazar del Cineista and Aguaencajamejor. To students of local schools and universities: College San Jose, Laude San Pedro International College, Bilingual College Atalaya, Sotogrande International School, Marbella Montessori School, English International College, Les Roches, MIUC, Marbella Design Academy and The American College for their vivid performances, help and active participation.

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