A small victory for humanity: the ozone hole over Antarctica has shrunk to a record small size

Scientists have recorded that the ozone hole above Antarctica, where UV from the Sun pass through the stratosphere without problems, has decreased to a record small size in the entire history of observations of it, since 1982.

Decades of ...

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Joint plans of the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia for rehabilitation of rivers

In the face of environmental safety of Russia still existing is one and the same problem - pollution of the Volga. Волжский бассейн, являющийся одним из крупнейших водоемов Европы занимает первое место по загрязненности в России. The Volga basin, ...

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Canoes made from bottles, or in short about the latest plastic recycling technology

Hardly anyone could imagine that the plastic bottles of mineral water or milk may eventually serve as a repeated fluid reservoir, or even turn into a kayak or canoe. New plastic recycling technology presented by researchers from Queen's University ...

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Global warming is much closer than previously thought

Current UN climate forecasts are outdated - this conclusion, scientists have come recently. The fact that greenhouse gases are actually heated the Earth's surface faster than previously thought. What is expected in the future, is it possibleto avoid the global warming, read more in an article.

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The danger of chemical fertilizers for the birds

Now it is impossible to imagine agronomy where insecticides would not be used. Thanks to chemical fertilizers, we can provide not only a good crop, but also protect it from various insect pests. However, researchers from the University of ...

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