Why balloons are dangerous for nature


Around the world at every party balloons create a festive mood among people. The beginning of the school year, state and local events or just the birthday of a child – all this is banded with balloons.

Probably, you have wondered where the balloons go after they began to fly out of sight. Fortunately or unfortunately, they cannot fly into space, as with the fall of the external pressure increases the probability of rupture of the balloon.

Balloons with inextensible shell rise to a height where the density of air is approximately equal to the density of helium inside the balloon. Further, the balloons begin to fly until remaining helium have leaked out or balloons burst in flight.

What happens when the balloons burst? That’s right, they begin to pollute the forests, ponds, seas and oceans. Bursted balloons pollute the environment, creating a direct threat to the lives of many animal species and the ecosystem as a whole.

Why balloons are dangerous for nature

Why are they dangerous?First, the materials from which they are made are very slowly decomposition. The duration of the flying balloons decomposition is at least 4 years, this figure increases significantly if they was made of latex.

Secondly, it is difficult for animals to distinguish the remains of balloons from food, for example, pieces of rubber may resemble jellyfish, which make up the bulk of the diet of sea turtles. Obviously, for turtles is not difficult to confuse ordinary jellyfish with their “rubber” counterparts, and then after they start eating this trash, which seriously affects their health and often leads to their death.

Why balloons are dangerous for nature

When we looking at the pictures with the consequences of using balloons, an obvious question arises: is there are exist any companies against using balloons? Yes, there are, but unfortunately, very few of them. At the state level, some positive developments are observed in EU countries, where playing with balloons was prohibited for children under 8 year old. However, so far no state has begun to pay attention to this problem from an environmental point of view.

However, there are some successes. The Net community is actively fighting against balloons, many volunteers visit nature reserves, where they record on camera the consequences of using balloons. For example, the organization named Ballons Blow informs people about the destructive effects that balloons have on animals, people and the environment. This organization seeks to inspire and promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle. We recommend visit the gallery of their site to learn about the effects of using balloons.