UK declared a climate emergency


During the last session of the British Parliament, the leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, offered to consider and adopt an climate emergency, calling it a huge step forward. In his opinion, the recognition by the state of the seriousness of the climate problem will lead to decisive measures to reduce greenhouse gases, as well as serve as an example for the other countries.

UK declared a climate emergency

But what is the cause of the need for climate emergency? Since the beginning of April, protests of citizens, headed by the radical climate group Extinction Rebellion, have continued in the British capital. The main goal of the protests – to get a declaration of a climate emergency from the British government; organize gathering of citizens for the development of an action plan to prevent the complication of the climate situation.

In addition, according to the plans of the British government, discussed during the session, the country should switch to “green” energy, thereby declaring the beginning of the “green industrial revolution”. The UK also plans to decommission coal and its analogues as sources of electricity over the next seven to eight years.