The future of our planet is in the hands of our children

Youth – the future of our planet, on our attitude towards ecology now, depends on how our heirs will deal with nature in the future.

Love for nature should be laid to a person from childhood, as this is a prerequisite for the harmonious development of the individual, and is also a kind of “contribution” to the future of our planet.

With the process of globalization,  the younger generation is beginning to understand that every day there are the number of living people is growing, but natural resources are less and less, and the needs of humanity are growing in proportion to time. If in the early to mid-20th century, people, and especially young people, hardly cared how their children and grandchildren would live after decades, then today’s children, teenagers and youth are no longer so indifferent to the future of their one common planet.

The future of our planet is in the hands of our children

In the framework of the All-Russian action “I am a citizen of Russia”, organized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, children aged 11 to 18 were invited to submit an important problem for the public, to justify its relevance and the social significance of of necessity to solve it.

A team of young eco-bloggers from the Odintsovo urban district released a video for the contest, where they told the viewer about our planet from their “childish” point of view.

Young eco-bloggers of the Odintsovo urban district:

  1. Dorzhiev Arnold, student of the Odintsovo gymnasium 13
  2. Khozhainova Valeria, student of the Lesnogorodskaya school
  3. Orlik Vera, student of the Lesnogorodskoy school
  4. Kriulin Vladimir, student of the Lesnogorodskoy school

Also, the guys were supported by a well-known athlete, and  a deputy of the Krasnogorsk city district, Jeff Monson. He thanked the children for their desire to protect our nature, and expressed his support towards their eco-project.

Despite the young age of the girls and boys, adult thoughts are heard in their views, which, unfortunately, do not always occur to us, adults. We should support our young generation in their endeavors. Today we should start changing our habits ourselves in order to stop harming the surrounding nature and save our planet for our youth.