Russian shops may be obliged to take back the empty glass bottles


The tense environmental situation in Russia associated with high volumes of landfills has stimulated some government officials to think about the ecological future of our planet.
MPs from the party A Just Russia put forward a proposal to oblige shops to take back empty containers. If the proposal will be approved, then this year Russian stores will be obliged to accept glass containers from customers. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sent a request to work on this issue to the Ministry of Nature, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Under the proposed initiative, store sellers have to pay from 5 to 7 rubles for each empty bottle, no matter what size it is.

Russian shops may be obliged to take back the empty glass bottles

“World practice shows that up to 80% of garbage can be recycled. In order to motivate citizens to collect waste suitable for recycling, material incentives should be used,” said Oleg Nilov, deputy head of the Just Russia faction in the State Duma.

However, despite all the positives and benefits of this idea, some questions arise regarding the implementation of this project. For example, who will be engaged in the equipment of warehouses or the room for storage of bottles; what sanctions will be applied to the shops, if they neglect to buy bottles from customers; where in the end these bottles will be recycled. Anyway, such ideas are encouraged at the positive future that sooner or later, if we start to pay enough attention to the problem of waste.