How Russian authorities are planning to eliminate waste from BPPM


Recently, during the public hearing in the Legislative Assembly discussion questions about the territory of BPPM. The main object of discussion was the territory of the BPPM and its cleaning from lignin. Businessmen and scientific communities presented their projects for further building.

State Duma deputy from the Irkutsk region, Nikolay Nikolaev proposed for discussion the question, which previously everyone tried to hold over:

What do we want to get in the end on waste-free sites of BPPM?

The story around BPPM’s waste dates back to two years ago, when the Russian government entrusted to perform the contract for the disposal of waste company Rusgeology. As time has shown, the company took up the performance of the contract, not possessing technology, that passed public and state expertise.

After two years, it became obvious to all that Rusgeology didn’t come up with anything better than to bury the waste near the village called Moty. After that, the public decided to take matters into their own hands. Public demanded from Rusgeology to make the process of preparation and recycling itself transparent.

How Russian authorities are planning to eliminate waste from BPPM

Rosgeology has taken into account the claims addressed to it, and announced an open project competition. Total for the competition sent more than a thousand proposals, however, only 25 have passed the qualifying round, which were announced at the hearing. During the first public hearing, Speaker of the Regional Legislative Assembly Sergey Sokol formulated the main tasks of the future round tables.

First of all, we should protect Baikal from toxic waste. Secondly, we must return Baikalsk with its “happy existence” by rebuilding the once industrially sharpened city into a tourist zone. And finally, in order to accomplish these tasks, we must create a mechanism that will ensure their solution, also besides consideration of proposals, round table should supposed to contribute to the development of the mechanism, – explained Sokol.

How Russian authorities are planning to eliminate waste from BPPM

Regarding the timing of waste disposal, speak out environmental prosecutor Sergey Zenkov. He noted:

There are many proposed ideas, but there is not enough concrete. Considering that today the Department of Natural Resources with academic community of Irkutsk region developing corrections to the Federal act “On the Protection of Lake Baikal”. That will allow the project to come true in 2023 year.