Dear Friends!

We invite you to join the environmental campaign ECO TIME ☘️ and spread its message across the globe!

The Planet we live on is choking on garbage.  Plastic garbage is especially dangerous. Every year they produce 380 million tons of plastic. Over the last decade the world has manufactured more plastic than it did throughout the whole last century. But ONLY 20 PERCENT of PLASTIC GETS ♻️ RECYCLED.

80 percent of all marine litter is plastic. Slowly but surely it is killing life in the seas, the oceans and even the skies. Sunlight breaks plastic down into small particles. These particles then inevitably become part of the food chain.

Expert research shows that nearly ☝️ 90 percent of seabirds have plastic in their blood. Recently plastic has been found in the human organism. Once washed up on shore, plastic starts emitting chemicals and cancerogens and poisoning soil and groundwater. Plastic litters coasts and coastal areas for miles. Did you know that one tenth of all the world’s beaches today are literally covered with it?

Joining ECO TIME ⏱️ means stop using plastic disposable tableware, straws and stop letting helium balloons in to the air once and for all!

If we stop doing just that, so much wild life will be preserved!

And ultimately we will preserve our own lives!

✅️ Joining ECO TIME flash mob is easy:

  1. Pick up your favorite fruit or vegetable
  2. Take a picture of it or a selfie with it
  3. Post it on your social page with the slogan It’s ECO TIME! and these hash tags:  #ecotime #goodwillmeridian #meridiandobra
  4. Pass the torch your friends!


☝️ The ECO TIME campaign starts on the International Children’s Day, which many countries celebrate on June 1. After all, don’t we want the best for our children? Other big dates to follow are World Environment Day (June 5) and World Oceans Day (June 8).

The right time to start thinking about our planet’s future and to take action!

If every one of us starts caring for the environment, together we will stop the global environmental disaster!

Let the planet’s and our own future be fantastic, not plastic!