“Before the Flood”

The documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic

Film director: Fisher Stevens

Script: Mark Monroe

Producers: Trevor Davidovski, Jennifer Davisson, Leonardo DiCaprio

Film rating: IMDb:8.30 (18 606) expectation:98% (207)

Age for viewing: 12+

Rating MPAA: Parental Guidance (it is advised to watch in the presence of parents)

Leonardo DiCaprio, a new U.N. Messenger for Peace on climate issues tackles a title role of his life. Travelling from wastelands of Greenland to the forests of Sumatra and halls of Vatican, DiCaprio learns the influence of climate changes on our planet. He enjoys privileges talking to the activists, scientists and to the powers that be including Barack Obama, Elon Musk and the Pope Francis. Considering the problem from all angles Leonardo DiCaprio is looking for the answer to the question: «What we can do unless it gets too late?»