Are biodegradable bags harmful to the environment


The opinion that eco-labeled plastic products are environmentally friendly is completely mistaken. This fact was confirmed by a research of scientists from the University of Plymouth, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

For the research, scientists have chosen several types of packages among which were biodegradable, compostable, ordinary polyethylene, as well as oxo-degradable samples, the shell of which is destroyed by oxygen.

Are biodegradable bags harmful to the environment

All of the above types of packages were exposed to various natural environments, ranging from air to soil and water. The results were disappointing: over a long period of testing none of the packages decomposed completely. However, scientists noted that compostable packages showed the best results. They were almost completely destroyed during their three-month stay in the marine environment, However, this does not mean that there are no any microparticles last after them.

The situation was much worse with “biodegradable” bags. Three years later, that they spent in the ground, their structure remained uncrippled, which would allow to use these packages again for the main purpose – to carry purchases from markets.

Are biodegradable bags harmful to the environment

All tested plastic products did not had cope with the air element. After 9 months, they began to actively disintegrate, but as time showed, they did not disappear completely but left behind smaller plastic particles.

As a result, the researchers concluded that the safety of such products for nature completely exaggerated. Most likely, that “safety” is only a marketing ploy of manufacturing companies. However, do not worry beforehand: science keep on to evolving. Every day scientists around the world are actively working on the invention of new technologies that will later help to cope with the problem of non-degradable plastic waste. Sooner or later we will receive news about a new breakthrough in the fight against plastic.