Antarctica is melting from below


Until recently, it was believed that the disappearance of the Arctic and Antarctic glaciers occurs as a result of global climate change. But now scientists from the UK have concluded that the warming of the poles comes from within, which is why they destroy themselves. Scientists around the globe are monitoring the situation at the North and South Poles. Over the last twenty years, the ice sheets are rapidly disappearing.

Antarctica is melting from below

If this continues, then in less than 100 years the sea level will significantly increase, and the climate will change on all continents. More serious warming is threatened by massive flooding, heat and drought, natural disasters and cataclysms. Scientists in most countries are very concerned about this fact.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) monitors climate change in the Arctic through a meteorological satellite. They said that the  ice sheet in the Arctic Ocean as a whole has decreased to a record minimum in 34 years. This is the entire period of observations. 

Scandinavian scientists are worried about the ice formation off the coast of Greenland in the North. This area is called the “last ice zone”. It became famous for its huge masses of ice, which for many years remained intact. And now this sheet of ice, which strongly resisted the rapid temperature rise, began to disintegrate.

Last year, for the first time during the period of long-term observations, scientists noticed that 2 large chunks of ice broke apart from this ice reserve.

Until recently, it was believed that the North and South Poles disappear as a result of global warming.

«Ice melting is directly related to changes in surface temperature, therefore, active melting of ice and snow sheets is likely a direct consequence of the general warming of atmospheric air»explained American professor Marco Tedesco, the lead researcher of this problem.

However, at this time, researchers from the UK have reported that a source of heat has been found in the East of Antarctica, which is located deep underground.  In turn, this suggests that the South Pole is self-destructing.  Studies were performed according to the indications of the measuring tools on board of an aircraft. When the scientists left the coast at a sufficient distance, they used a special radar that penetrated three kilometers deep under the ice to transmit what was happening inside.

Antarctica is melting from below

At the moment, we can assume that the scientific instruments have identified radioactive sources and hot springs erupting underground. It is quite possible that there could be a huge red-hot rock that moves up the earth’s mantle. Of course, the heat emission is high, which ultimately leads to the melting of the Antarctic glaciers deep inside. Warm waters gradually fill the cavities under the ice, forming entire lakes.

According to the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russian researchers are not surprised by this news.

«The assumptions of such kind could be put forward three decades ago. However, if all the data obtained are accurate, then it can be argued that the evidence base was obtained for the first time»said Arkady Kalinin, Ph.D. Candidate of Geological Sciences

Researchers believe that because of the mysterious underground sources of heat, glaciers would begin to melt millions of years ago, therefore, it would be incorrect to say that just a few years later both poles would become a big warm swamp. Only the next generations will be able to experience climate change.

But such an experiment can radically change the scientist’s believe that Antarctica consists of ancient frozen sheets that experience no active internal processes that could affect the glaciers.

«It was assumed that subsequent studies will confirm this theory. This would be evidence that a certain revolution took place in science»Kalinin said
However, researchers have not yet figured out how to apply this knowledge in practice. They do not lose hope to triumph over global climate change, but perhaps nobody will be able to cool down the hot springs under the ice sheets.